Cashu Nutshell v0.13.0: Ecash Seed Phrase Backups

Cashu is a Chaumian Ecash wallet and mint for Bitcoin Lightning. Cashu Nutshell is the reference implementation in Python.

Cashu Nutshell v0.13.0: Ecash Seed Phrase Backups
  • "Milestone release: Cashu Nutshell 0.13.0 – Ecash seed phrase backups!"
  • "Cashu aims to be an open ecash protocol for the web built on Bitcoin. In order to fulfill this promise, ecash must become easy and safe to use. One of the big challenges for ecash lies in its barer asset nature: if you lose your wallet, your funds are gone. Not anymore!"
  • "In this update, we introduce BIP32 secret derivation and BIP39 mnemonics. You can write down your 12-words and store them safely just like a Bitcoin seed phrase."
  • "If you lose access to your wallet, you can use your seed phrase to restore your balance. "
  • "For now, this is only available in Nutshell, the reference implementation. However, we aim to provide the same functionality across all Cashu wallets."

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  • @dni made their first contribution in #276

Full Changelog: 0.12.3...0.13.0

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