Moves to, Integrates NIP-46 is a LNURL service that generates eCash tokens on received payments and holds on to them for a user until they come back online. Moves to, Integrates NIP-46
  • "Exciting news! has transitioned to a new domain:," announced @Egge.
"Finally, the protocols reference implementation has its own name, and a way cooler domain as well (thanks @calle). Why Because it is a nostr-native, Cashu powered, Lightning Address for everyone!"
  • "We are still far from done. Over the next couple of days and weeks we will continue to work on NUT-11 and additional login methods (NIP-49 / ncrypt). Also there will be static payment pages for all users (again, thanks Karnage for the suggestion). Lots of code to write. Please leave your feedback while we are still early and in WIP phase."

What's new

  • NIP-46 support. "Access your address using NIP-46 providers like or nsecBunker. Thanks brugeman for pointing me in this direction and for your tremendous work on"
  •  Wallet Redesign. "The wallet screen received a makeover and now has a nicer look and feel. The new design is based on prototypes provided by Karnage. Thank you so much for your contribution."

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