Casa Added Support for Bitcoin Wallet Descriptors

"Casa is excited to announce that we’re releasing support for bitcoin wallet descriptors," announced Jameson Lopp in a blog post.

Casa Added Support for Bitcoin Wallet Descriptors
  • Descriptions aka Output script descriptors are "strings that contain all the information necessary to allow a wallet or other program to track payments made to or spent from a particular script or set of related scripts (i.e. an address or a set of related addresses such as in an HD wallet)."
"Overall, by incorporating support for descriptors, bitcoin wallets can offer users a more versatile, secure, and future-proof way to manage their funds and interact with the rest of the ecosystem. Casa recommends that every bitcoin wallet adds support for descriptors in order to increase interoperability across the ecosystem. However, at time of writing, only a handful of wallets have adopted this framework," the company said.

What's new

  • "To view and save the wallet descriptor for your vault in the Casa app, on the "Receive BTC" screen just tap on the "..." options button in the upper right and you'll see the toggle between viewing a single address and the full wallet descriptor."
  • "While you can copy / paste the raw wallet descriptor text, we recommend saving the QR encoded version of it, which has built-in error correction and is thus far less likely to be corrupted."

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