Casa Acquires Applied Cryptography Team Chamber

"The acquisition was completed in March and is the first in Casa's history," was stated in a press release.

Casa Acquires Applied Cryptography Team Chamber
  • "Over the last two years, Chamber has been at the forefront of using passkeys to make private key management more secure and user-friendly for a wide variety of use cases. The Chamber tech will accelerate Casa’s roadmap in reducing friction and improving security in storing private keys," Casa said in a blog post.
"We have to make using private keys as simple and safe as possible; people need to feel comfortable using keys to secure their money and data, or they won't do it. The Chamber team's expertise and technology are critical for accelerating our work to build that future for the world," said Nick Neuman, Casa co-founder and CEO.
  • Both Chamber co-founders have joined the executive team at Casa: William Allen as COO and Bryan Latten as CTO.
  • "With our shared vision and resources, we intend to bring some amazing products to market soon," added Casa's co-founder and Chief Security Officer Jameson Lopp.

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