BTCPay Server v1.9.0 Released

BTCPay Server is a free and open-source Bitcoin payment processor which allows you to accept bitcoin without fees or intermediaries.

BTCPay Server v1.9.0 Released

"We've added some quality-of-life improvements aimed explicitly toward the retail experience of the software, better management features for your stores, and some touch-ups toward checkout V2. Most prominently, we’ve released a wallet integration with exchanges!"


  • Exchange integration via plugins
  • Point of Sale devices, improved NFC experience and better digital receipts
  • Checkout v2 gets further improvements
  • New recovery seed phrase view
  • Wallet labels export - BIP-329 and better label management
  • Restructuring how metadata is viewed
  • Deprecating MySQL and SQLite
  • Bug fixes

Breaking change

As part of our effort to withdraw support for MySQL and SQLite, if you start BTCPay Server with --sqlitefile or --mysql without being in the context of a migration, your server will fail to start.

We introduce another flag, --deprecated, which allows you to start with SQLite or MySQL even if it is deprecated. We will remove this flag in version 1.10.

New features

Bug fixes

  • If connection to Lightning node was interrupted, payments would be missed. (#4865 #4840 #4525) @NicolasDorier
  • LN Address's Max sats payment was ignored. @NicolasDorier
  • The preferred currency of a Point of Sale's App was ignored when paying through LNURL. @NicolasDorier
  • The payRequest generated by LNAddress wasn't the same as the one generated by the callback (losing information about Min/Max spendable)
  • With core lightning, getting payment by paymenthash wouldn't return the successful payment if the first one failed.
  • Do not propose Lightning payment if the LN Node is dead (#4795 #3541) @Kukks
  • Point of Sale: Fix escaped HTML entities in item title (#4798) @dennisreimann
  • Fix: Labels added by payouts to transactions shouldn't show HTML markups (#4790) @dennisreimann
  • If store user is Guest, "issue refund" shouldn't be an option (#4595 #3512) @Kukks
  • Fix wrong data mapping to store data instead of store user data (#4874) @ndeet


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