btcd v0.24.2: Important Security Fixes

btcd is an alternative full node bitcoin implementation written in Go (golang).

btcd v0.24.2: Important Security Fixes
  • "This release includes important bug fixes related to subtle interactions related to re-orgs and the UTXO set cache. These fixed are considered security critical," announced the project.
"This release also includes implementations of invalidateblock and `reconsiderblock which can be useful in helping nodes that were afflicted by the aforementioned bugs to recover without needing to resync the entire chain."
  • "With this release, btcd now also implements the testmempoolaccept RPC which can be useful to check a transaction candidate for validity from a policy and conflict perspective before broadcasting. Along the way, we've added some additional policy checks that exist in other Bitcoin full node implementations."
  • "This release also contains fixes to some parsing issues discovered via fuzz testing."
  • "Finally, as mentioned above release includes important security fixes, with full details to be disclosed in 90 days," said the project.

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