BTC RPC Explorer v3.4.0: New Widgets, Tools, Bug Fixes & Polish

BTC RPC Explorer is a free and open-source, easy-to-setup and use self-hosted Bitcoin explorer driven by RPC calls to your own Bitcoin node.

BTC RPC Explorer v3.4.0: New Widgets, Tools, Bug Fixes & Polish
  • "The long overdue BitcoinExplorer v3.4 is here! See the latest code live at, and update your local server to enjoy it all!"
  • "Homepage widget updates include a new Halving countdown (auto-shows ~1yr in advance), hashrate comparison to ATH, median fee for next block, and a holiday celebration banner (if it's a BTC holiday)."
  • "In the "Block Analysis" tool, now see a list of the top "BTC days destroyed" transactions."
  • "A curated list of BTC Holidays is available to browse or to query via the API."
  • "Extended PubKey (xpub) pages now include balances for addresses (if an Electrum server is configured). Expect improvements in this area in the future, but this is a nice start."
  • "And many more bug fixes and improvements. If you get value from this project, please consider a donation to support continued work on it. Thanks!"

What's new

  • Breaking changes to the API (see ./api/changelog)
  • Homepage:

    - New "Next Halving" widget in Network Summary.
    - Show difficulty ATH comparison.
    - Show "Next Block" fullness.
    - Progress bar for difficulty adjustment estimate.
    - Include median fee rate for next-block estimates (also on /next-block).
    - Show a banner if 'today' is a Bitcoin 'Holiday' (see more below).
  • Minor fixes for running against Bitcoin Core v23.
  • Block Analysis: include top "days destroyed" transactions.
  • URL change: /mining-template -> /next-block (redirect is included for compatibility).
  • On Extended PubKey pages, include balance data for various address (if Electrum server is configured).
  • New /next-halving tool.
  • Several new API actions/changes; see /api/changelog.
  • New /holidays, a curated list of Bitcoin 'Holidays'.
  • Support for different view options on /fun.
  • On /difficulty-history, make delta graph honor timespan filtering.
  • Proper use of production-ready MemoryStore for session data.
  • Support for serving static assets via a configurable CDN.
  • Misc fixes for erroneous data display on non-mainnet nodes.
  • Switch from fontawesome to bootstrap-icons v1.8.0.
  • Refreshed miner-identification database.
  • Refreshed "Dark" theme with blues toned down (legacy dark theme still available).
  • UI/UX tweaks.
  • Misc minor fixes.
  • Updated dependencies.


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