BlueWallet v6.6.8: Full BIP-47 Support, Send to Silent Payment Address

BlueWallet is a Bitcoin and Lightning wallet built with React Native and Electrum. Available on iOS, Android, and macOS.

BlueWallet v6.6.8: Full BIP-47 Support, Send to Silent Payment Address
  • BlueWallet now supports sending and receiving transactions using BIP47 Reusable Payment Codes (PayNyms) and can also be used to send funds to Silent Payment addresses. Other recently introduces updates include watch-only wallets warning, ability to clear cache in app settings, and a variety of smaller fixes and improvements.

What's new

BlueWallet v6.6.8 is a small bugfix release. It packages the following fixes:

  • FIX: Wallet addresses were not visible.
  • FIX: Send transaction crash #6751.
  • FIX: BIP47 addresses subscribed to push notifications.

BlueWallet v6.6.7 added the following new features and fixes:

  • ADD: Watch only wallets warning.
  • ADD: View Payment Code on Watch app.
  • ADD: Payment code in receive screen.
  • ADD: Market price android widget USD only for now.
  • REF: Fee estimation and price fetch on widget improvement.
  • ADD: Insert Contact.
  • ADD: Payment code in Receive.
  • ADD: Handoff TXID to be able to quickly browse on other devices.
  • ADD: send to SilentPayment address.
  • ADD: BIP47 send to contacts.
  • ADD: GHS and XAF.
  • ADD: Countries in Currency screen.
  • ADD: Scan tooltip.
  • ADD: Settings > Clear Cache.
  • ADD: Provide explanation for a disabled feature.
  • ADD: rename counterparty paymentcode.
  • ADD: BIP47 notification transaction.
  • FIX: If latest tx was unconfirmed, widget should show "Never" for latest.
  • FIX: Notification toggle was stopped by an undefined object.
  • FIX: If previous recipients were empty it wouldnt scroll.
  • FIX: Closing the scanner wouldnt remove the loading indicator.
  • FIX: Camera would not open in Electrum settings.
  • REF: Value should be reset to false in case of keychain wipe.

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