BlueWallet v6.4.16: Improvements & Fixes (Updated)

BlueWallet is a non-custodial Bitcoin and Lightning wallet built with React Native and Electrum. Available on iOS, macOS and Android.

BlueWallet v6.4.16: Improvements & Fixes (Updated)
  • This BlueWallet update adds 'Add Wallet' menu item for macOS users, enables haptic feedback on Android, and allows importing QR code images from other sources.
  • UPDATE: v6.14.6 was released after we made the original post, it includes few more fixes for macOS and Android users (see below).
  • Back in December, the project also removed Tor support due to unmaintained dependency. Users are recommended to use alternative tools like Orbot or Tailscale.

What's new


  • macOS Add Wallet menu item
  • Haptic feedback on Android
  • Allow importing a QR Code image from other sources


  • Dismissing Scanner would result in undefined reject
  • There is a bug when using the scanning function when creating a multi-signature signature #5869
  • Transactions List component does not update on setParams #5844
  • Clipboard toggle was not visible in Settings
  • Wallet change macOS app UI fixes
  • Startup crash on macOS app
  • Sensitive onPress when using tooltip
  • Rare crash on startup if not in offline mode (closes #5898) (#5964)


  • Haptic feedback into a class with power state verification (#5954)

BlueWallet v6.4.16

v6.4.16 also includes the following fixes:

  • Settings was not selectable on macOS or iPadOS UIMenu
  • Android 13+ File dialog for import/open

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