Blockstream Jade v1.0.30: Miniscript Support

Blockstream Jade firmware is a free and open source software powering Jade signing devices.

Blockstream Jade v1.0.30: Miniscript Support
  • "Exciting news for all Blockstream Jade users! The new firmware 1.0.30 is now available, and it's Miniscript capable! Bookmark this as the start of a new era," announced the project.

What's new

  • dded new API calls 'get_registered_descriptors' and 'get_registered_descriptor' to enhance Miniscript support.
  • Menu option for network selection (mainnet/testnet) for stateless QR code users.
  • Updated ESP-IDF base firmware to v5.1.3 (Note: Saved Bluetooth bonds will need to be re-paired).
  • Various fixes and documentation updates.

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