Blockstream Jade v1.0.28: QR PIN Improvements

Blockstream Jade firmware is a free and open source software powering Jade signing devices.

Blockstream Jade v1.0.28: QR PIN Improvements
  • "Alright, new @Blockstream Jade firmware 1.0.28 is out now," announced Rich on X.
"As a reminder, QR PIN allows for an air-gapped unlock process and ensures there is nothing to steal from a locked Jade itself. All you need is your PIN number instead of carrying a physical copy of your seed (SeedQR etc) to access funds, which may be better for your situation."

What's new

  • Massive improvements for QR PIN users with air-gap unlock process now 2 scans instead of 4...and the total # of QRs has been reduced by 50%+.
  • Change PIN functionality. "Change PIN can be accessed from a locked Jade under Options -> Device -> Settings -> Change PIN. You'll be prompted to enter a new PIN during your next unlock."
  • More thorough seed quiz/backup during setup. "More thorough seed quiz means Jade will make sure you see all 12/24 words during your backup check instead of quizzing randomly."

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