Blockstream Green Desktop v2.0.2: L-BTC Coin Control

Blockstream Green is a multi-platform and feature-rich self-custodial Bitcoin and Liquid wallet.

Blockstream Green Desktop v2.0.2: L-BTC Coin Control
  • The Blockstream Green Wallet just dropped point release 2.0.1 enabling Liquid coin control, said Liquid Network on X.

What's new


  • Button to clear address field
  • Manual coin selection for L-BTC
  • List relevant accounts in the assets details
  • Filter for non confidential coins


  • Improved onboarding flow
  • Improments in the Watch-Only login view
  • Reinstate 2FA reset notification and request/cancel options
  • Add general section in app settings
  • Adjust scanning for Jade device frequency
  • Update GDK to 0.70.3


  • Crash on login when Ledger device is idle
  • Incorrect negative balance
  • Preserve transaction memo on increase transaction speed
  • Fixed watch only login on liquid
  • Fix busy indicator of primary buttons
  • Restore with QR Code while some words are filled
  • Avoid slow application quit
  • Layout of manual coin selection view

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