Blixt Wallet v0.6.9-420: Lightning Box

Blixt Wallet is an open source Lightning Bitcoin Wallet for Android and iOS with focus on usability and user experience. Powered by LND and the Bitcoin SPV client Neutrino.

Blixt Wallet v0.6.9-420: Lightning Box
  • "The final frontier is here for the 0.6.x release line, v0.6.9-420. Nice!"
  • "This one has a great new feature for Android, Lightning Box."

Lightning box

  • "Lightning Box is a Lightning Address provider for mobile nodes like Blixt Wallet, letting you receive Lightning Address payments directly to your phone."
"This works in conjunction with the Persistent Mode released in v0.6.9, which allows Blixt Wallet to stay active in the background in order to receive payments. You can also use this for nostr tipping."
  • Register your own Lightning Address from the left menu -> Advanced -> Lightning Box.
"Lightning Box is open-source software and you can run your own instance, working seamlessly with Blixt Wallet."
  • A draft specification for the protocol can be found here.
  • The Blixt Project hosts a Lightning Box service for Lightning Addresses.
  • "In the future we will look at Lightning Box support without using Persistent mode and for other platforms than Android."

What's new


  • Dunder LSP is now enabled by default for all new wallets.
  • Receiving on-chain via Taproot is now enabled by default. Long-press on the "Generate address" button to generate a SegWit address.
  • Fixed Speedloader server setting not working.
  • Fixed Enable Speedloader checkbox not functioning correctly.
  • Added internal recognition for Satogram payments.
  • Satogram payments will not trigger a push notification.


  • Added Lightning Box support.
    • Lightning Box is a Lightning Address provider, giving you an address to receive from. This works in conjunction with Persistent Mode.
    • Register your Lightning Box account from left menu -> Advanced -> Lightning Box.
  • Fixed a crash on Android 14 when Persistent Mode and Tor is used together.
  • Added LUD-18 (identifier) support for Lightning Box.
  • Added LUD-12 (identifier) comment support for Lightning Box.


  • Fixed Tor not working.

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