Bitkit v1.0.0-beta.92: Instant Payments, LNURL-withdraw & LNURL-pay Support & More

Bitkit is a non-custodial mobile bitcoin and lightning wallet available on Android and iOS, and implemented using React-Native. Built with LDK and Blocktank, Synonym's Lightning Service Provider (LSP).

Bitkit v1.0.0-beta.92: Instant Payments, LNURL-withdraw & LNURL-pay Support & More
  • "We’re ecstatic to unveil one of the largest updates to Bitkit since its beta launch!"
  • "Over 402 improvements have been made since the last update, supercharging Bitkit with new features and fixing numerous bugs you’ve helped us find."
  • "Make sure to test it, and let us know your feedback!"

What's new

  • "You can now receive Lightning payments even if you have no receiving capacity or no bitcoin in your wallet. No need to manually transfer from savings to your spending balance to start receiving instantly."
  • "No more waiting for instant payments to get ready. Transfer from savings, and you’ll be able to send and receive in less than a minute."
  • "Bitkit already supported signing in to websites through LNURL-auth and claiming Lightning connections through LNURL-channel. Now, we’ve added support for LNURL-withdraw and LNURL-pay."
    • "So, on top of single-use invoices, you’ll also be able to scan or paste reusable LNURLs."
  • "You can now pay to Taproot addresses (‘bc1p’) in addition to Legacy (‘1’), Nested Segwit (‘3’), and Segwit addresses (‘bc1q’)."
  • "You’ll find a surprise when you hit “Send”. Now, paying requires fewer taps and it is easier to find the option you want. You can also tap a contact to quickly pay them."
  • "We redesigned the widgets from scratch to make them more customizable and useful. You can now select which fields to display on your home screen. Expect more widgets to become available soon!"
  • "The total amount sent now includes the fee to help you quickly determine how much #bitcoin left your wallet. The fee remains visible in the transaction details."
  • "There were many more minor updates and performance improvements."

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