Bitkit v1.0.0-beta.51: Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Bitkit is a non-custodial Bitcoin and Lightning wallet that also supports profiles, contacts, payments to contacts, key-based logins, widgets, and more. Available on iOS and Android.

Bitkit v1.0.0-beta.51: Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
  • "There's a new Bitkit update available! This release fixes multiple bugs and improves the app’s performance."
  • "Bitkit is fully open-source and built up in the open, so anyone can audit and contribute. You can dive deep into the details and other updates on GitHub."

What's new

  • "You can now manage your tags so that your transactions are always properly categorized."
  • "Now, you’ll know when you need more funds to set up a Lightning connection successfully."
  • "We’ve redesigned the screens showing the process of setting up instant payments."
  • "You can find your Lightning connections’ reserve balances on Settings → Advanced. To make it more visible, now it’s also indicated under your spending balance beside a purple lock icon."
  • "As of this update, you’ll see a message when an unconfirmed payment sent to you gets replaced."

Release notes

  • Metadata saved for LN transactions.
  • Fixes and refactoring in send flow.
  • Improved auto read clipboard UX.
  • Added wallet wipe feature.
  • Lightning balances displayed.
  • Transaction state reset implemented.
  • Error handling for generating addresses.
  • Error displayed if unable to afford channel.
  • Receive tags saved on ReceiveDetails screen.
  • Payment data processing improvement.
  • Activity confirmTimestamp and filter updates.
  • ActivityDetail UI updated.
  • QRCode sharing on iOS enabled.
  • Profile link form moved to bottom-sheet.
  • Fallback blocktank peers added.
  • Fixed callback parsing bug in @synonymdev/react-native-lnurl.
  • Handled "channel closed" error for SlashtagsAuthClient.authz.
  • Fixed crash when closing bottom-sheet with keyboard open.
  • Temporarily hid delete contact button.
  • Fixed widgets gesture issues.
  • Tag manager added.
  • Updated LN onboarding flow.
  • Reorgs and RBFs detection.
  • Added eslint rules for promises and fixed errors.
  • Removed unused wallet store fields.
  • Renamed send transaction types & functions.
  • Reanimated library upgraded.
  • Updated e2e workflow.
  • Updated react-native-ldk and dev dependencies.
  • Fixed styled-components types.
  • Updated
  • Buildcache added.
  • Disabled toasts in e2e tests.
  • Fixed lnurl test.
  • Added optional .json to LDK logs.

Bug Fixes

New Features


  • Add eslint rules for promises, fix ensuing errors by @pwltr in #1040
  • Remove unused wallet store fields by @pwltr in #1045
  • Rename send transaction types & functions by @pwltr in #1049





Full Changelog: v1.0.0-beta46...v1.0.0-beta.51

  • "If you have any feedback or feature requests, join our Discord and Telegram communities and let our team know!"

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