Bitkit v1.0.0-beta.43 Released

Bitkit offers a Bitcoin wallet that supports both on-chain and Lightning transactions, as well as additional features powered by Slashtags.

Bitkit v1.0.0-beta.43 Released
  • "Bitkit now supports multiple languages. If you'd like to help translate Bitkit into your native language, please contact us."
  • "You'll be alerted if your balance exceeds $100. Don't use Bitkit for large amounts while it's still in beta."

Bug Fixes

  • fix: iOS target bumped to 13 for ldk by @Jasonvdb in #908
  • fix: consider onboarding done if profile is not empty by @Nuhvi in #912
  • fix(contacts): resolve Contact's profile in Contact screen by @Nuhvi in #913
  • fix(lightning): set channel opening tx fallback fee by @pwltr in #911
  • fix(settings): transaction speed setting by @pwltr in #915
  • fix: ellipsis utility by @pwltr in #923
  • fix(send): update available/max amount calculation by @pwltr in #918
  • fix: UI fixes by @pwltr in #920
  • fix: test address by @limpbrains in #906
  • fix: Lightning UI & channel open/close issues by @pwltr in #928
  • fix: add missing strings to i18n by @limpbrains in #929
  • fix(ui): another fix for confetti (iOS) by @pwltr in #932
  • fix: LDK fee calculation by @Jasonvdb in #936
  • fix(profile): force resolving profiles after restoring the wallet by @Nuhvi in #948
  • fix: e2e wrong address test by @limpbrains in #941
  • fix: ease of use clipboard read & redirect by @pwltr in #930
  • fix: Update Crash Screen by @pwltr in #950
  • fix: add await, slashtags env variables by @limpbrains in #949
  • fix(wallet): #780 skipping addressIndex by @pwltr in #934
  • fix(widgets): app crashing when reopening price feed settings by @Nuhvi in #925
  • fix(widgets): better default decoder to handle Objects and stringifie… by @Nuhvi in #926
  • fix(widgets): handle malformed slashfeed.json where fields are not ar… by @Nuhvi in #927
  • fix(lightning): Fix Lingering Claimable/Pending Balance by @coreyphillips in #962
  • fix: Updated ldk to prevent scorer read crash by @Jasonvdb in #966
  • fix: add polyfill for Promise.allSettled by @limpbrains in #967
  • fix(ui): bottom-sheet animations by @pwltr in #959


  • refactor(wallet): send transaction state by @pwltr in #899

New Features




  • test(settings): add tests for dev settings & crash screen by @pwltr in #953
  • test(ui): add e2e test for NumberPad by @pwltr in #961

Full Changelog: v1.0.0-beta.39...v1.0.0-beta43

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