BitGo Added Support for Taproot MuSig2 on Bitcoin Hot Wallets

"With MuSig2 now accepted as BIP-0327, we are very excited to launch Taproot MuSig2 on BitGo bitcoin hot wallets."

BitGo Added Support for Taproot MuSig2 on Bitcoin Hot Wallets
  • "The launch of Taproot MuSig2 on BitGo wallets marks an important milestone in enhancing efficiency, reducing fees, and improving privacy for bitcoin transactions," said the company in a blog post.
  • "By leveraging the benefits of Schnorr signatures and Merklized script trees, BitGo is able to offer a seamless and secure 2-of-3 hot wallet experience without compromising on fees or functionality."
Comparison of Bitcoin address types supported by BitGo wallets.
  • "Right now Taproot MuSig2 addresses are available for dedicated wallets. Please contact BitGo support to enable Taproot MuSig2 for a dedicated wallet. These dedicated wallets will provide Taproot MuSig2 addresses by default both for receiving and change."
  • "While Taproot MuSig2 addresses bring significant fee savings and enhanced privacy, it is important to note that not all wallets currently support sending funds to these addresses."
  • "In the coming weeks Taproot MuSig2 will become available on all BitGo hot wallets by specifying chain codes 40 or 41 when creating new addresses."
  • "In the coming months Taproot MuSig2 addresses will become the default change address type for all hot wallets," BitGo said in a blog post.

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