BitEscrow Launches Developer Playground & New Website

BitEscrow launched its new website and a comprehensive suite of developer tools for integrating non-custodial bitcoin escrow.

BitEscrow Launches Developer Playground & New Website
  • "We're setting a new standard for escrow services, making Bitcoin transactions more secure and versatile. Check out our new website and Developer Playground at," announced Tristan Bietsch on
"This has been a very long time coming - a huge milestone accomplished. It was really hard. 2.5 years in the making...Looking forward to your feedback and seeing what amazing projects you'll build with BitEscrow," added the developer.
  • The release includes new developer playground with BitEscrow API, support for all test chains, new website with developer page and full documentation, and more.
  • "BitEscrow is also developing a Layer-2 escrow system compatible with the Lightning Network, designed to scale escrow transactions more efficiently than traditional methods and current Lightning implementations," was stated in a press release.

What's new

  • Developer Playground: Experiment with BitEscrow API in a controlled environment with support for all test chains.
  • New Website: Explore comprehensive resources including a developer page, branding guide, press kit, and more.
  • Developer Tools: Access API, SDKs, NPM libraries, and test suite, all built from scratch using Typescript.
  • Other key features of the platform: non-custodial security, 187x faster transactions, 1/5th the cost of traditional services, and zero paperwork. Discussion
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