Bitcoin Keeper v1.0.5: Subscription Plans

Bitcoin Keeper is a bitcoin multi-sig wallet with privacy and inheritance. Available on iOS and Android.

Bitcoin Keeper v1.0.5: Subscription Plans
  • This release introduces country-specific subscription plans and "focuses on the improvements to the multisig Vault."
  • "We aim to finish the essential backlog items and kill some more pesky bugs before the trial period ends. And also open-source the code. Till then, please try out the app and keep sending us feedback," the app's team said on Twitter.

What's new

  • Introducing Subscription Plans:

    - Try all of Keepers features free of cost during the first three months of subscribing to Hodler or Diamond Hands tiers.
    - After three months you could continue with the free, Pleb plan, or upgrade to either Hodler or Diamond Hands.
    - The free plan allows you to create a 1 of 1 Vault.
    - Hodler gets you a 2 of 3 multisig and Diamond Hands allows you to create a 3 of 5 multisig Vault.
    - Plans start at as low as ~$2/mo or ₹167/mo.
  • Coming Soon: Inheritance Planning on the Diamond Hands tier.
  • Other updates:

    - Buy directly to any hardware key you control.
    - Support for Ledger 2.0.
    - Bug fixes for using Jade as a signing device.
    - Bug fixes for Whirlpool.
    - General bug fixes and performance improvements.

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