Bitcoin Keeper v1.0.4: Whirlpool For iOS

Bitcoin Keeper is a bitcoin multi-sig wallet with privacy and inheritance. Available on iOS and Android.

Bitcoin Keeper v1.0.4: Whirlpool For iOS
  • "For the first time ever, introducing Whirlpool for iOS. Keeper now integrates with Samurai's Whirlpool, on your phone. Easily mix your Bitcoin for increased privacy and fungibility."
  • "With Whirlpool coming in, we have redesigned the app's interface to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience."
"Now you can seamlessly manage your UTXOs, monitor the status of your Whirlpool transactions, remix your sats and store them away in your multisig Vault."
  • "The app is in beta as there are a few things we will be like to close before removing the tag including:

    1. Android Whirlpool;
    2. Open Sourcing the code;
    3. Whirlpool over Tor;
    4. Mixing of multiple UTXOs;
    5. Full UTXO labelling;
    6. Mix to Vault option."
  • "Please try the feature and send feedback to make this app even more awesome."
  • "Special thanks to Straylight for his rust client:…"

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