Bitcoin Connect: Connect Bitcoin Wallets with Apps

Bitcoin Connect is an open-source library to integrate lightning payments with one line of code. It lets you seamlessly connect your bitcoin lightning wallet with any web application. Interactions like payments can happen natively in web apps and PWAs.

Bitcoin Connect: Connect Bitcoin Wallets with Apps
  • "Bitcoin Connect leverages two existing components and makes them available in a plug and play experience for app developers and wallet users."
  1. "First, WebLN, a set of specifications implemented by dozens of apps already, facilitates sending and receiving of payments between apps and users' lightning wallets in a secure way."
  2. "Second, Nostr Wallet Connect, a spec to establish authenticated connection between the app and the user’s wallet targeting the mobile use case, if no browser extension is available."
"As of now it enables web apps which only need to implement a single interface to connect with multiple wallets. Users can connect from both desktop and mobile devices."
  • "These components work with pure HTML and all Javascript libraries frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, Solid.js, etc. to expose the following components:
    • a button to launch the Bitcoin Connect modal;
    • the modal itself;
    • a list of connectors for users to select their preferred wallet;
    • a payment component to easily accept payments from the user."
  • "Right now these components are available as simple HTML and React packages to more easily integrate Bitcoin Connect into your React and NextJS app. Have a look at these code examples for Codepen and Replit to get a first glimpse."
"Bitcoin Connect already works! Check-out these integrations at,, and see how can you connect with your node/wallet from @lightning, @lnbits, @MutinyWallet , @umbrel @zebedeeio or @getAlby."

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