Bitcoin Connect v3.2.0-alpha Released

Bitcoin Connect is a simple library that enables users to connect their wallet to lightning-powered websites on any browser through WebLN, the open protocol for lightning on the Web.

Bitcoin Connect v3.2.0-alpha Released
  • This release fixes two issues and one request raised by @ekzyis from stacker news:
    • closeModal no longer causes an issue with React strict mode;
    • connecting/connected subscription methods now fire callbacks immediately if the state already matches when the subscription is created;
    • new API function to get the current connector's config (e.g. to display the name of the connector currently connected to): getConnectorConfig().
  • It also introduces a new fiat balance switcher thanks to @Alan-AC7.
  • Special thanks to @hzrd149 for a huge reduction in package size!
  • Also there are some improvements to xss attack prevention by @reneaaron.
  • There's also an experimental way to configure NWC permissions through the Bitcoin Connect init function.
  • Deprecation: isConnected function has been deprecated and will be removed in v4.

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