Bitcoin Brainbow v0.1.150: Low-Entropy Warning & Offline Mode

Brainbow (beta) is a stateless, noncustodial, deterministic Bitcoin brainwallet app powered by the WarpWallet technique. Its development was inspired by reports of incidents of Bitcoin being seized physically at border crossings. It will ultimately be meant for desktop and mobile platforms.

Bitcoin Brainbow v0.1.150: Low-Entropy Warning & Offline Mode
  • "This project, Brainbow is built on top of nowallet, a project which was discontinued before it was completed. The adopted nowallet sources have been completely reworked and adapted."
  • "It uses a variant of the 'WarpWallet' technique, combining PBKDF2 and scrypt with a salt for key derivation, rather than the typical, highly insecure SHA256(passphrase) method that your average brainwallet uses."
"Visit or our GitHub repository to download Brainbow version 0.1.150, which includes a Low-Entropy-Warning mechanism and Offline Mode," announced the project.
  • "If you'd like to support Bitcoin Brainbow, you can send us some sats here."

What's new

  • Low-Entropy Warning mechanism. It's recommended to have at least 128 bits of entropy for a secure Bitcoin private key. This version now shows a "Low Entropy" warning in case the provided salt and passphrase combination provides less than 128 bits.
  • Offline Mode. "This feature enables the wallet to operate without an internet connection, enhancing both flexibility and security."

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