BitBanana v0.8.1: Core Lightning, LndHub Support

BitBanana is a native Android app for Lightning node operators focused on user experience and ease of use.

BitBanana v0.8.1: Core Lightning, LndHub Support
  • BitBanana v0.8.0 has been released with support for Core Lightning, LndHub, self-hosted fee estimation and exchange rate via Mempool, and many UX improvements.
  • Version 0.8.1 resolves a bug where Core Lightning's network property was mistakenly set to unknown, rather than mainnet.

What's new

  • Core Lightning support.
  • LndHub support (connect to Alby, LNbits, ...).
  • Support for self-hosted exchange rate provider.
  • Added as exchange rate provider (clearnet & tor).
  • Support for self-hosted Fee Estimation.
  • Added and blockstream as Fee Estimation providers (clearnet & tor).
  • Scan QR codes from images.
  • Set exact on-chain fees in sat/vB.
  • Send and request sub satoshi amounts.
  • Many UX improvements:
    • Easy format conversion for certificates and macaroons;
    • Allow sending lightning payments before fee is estimated;
    • Avatar style choosing;
    • Handle connect URIs before wallet is activated;
    • Open newly added wallets immediately;
    • More wallet loading details;
    • Display network info for non mainnet nodes;
    • Show avatars on node management list.
  • Translation updates (full Spanish translation!).
  • Bug fixes.

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