Bisq2 v2.0.4: Offerbook List, Tor Improvements

Bisq 2 is the successor to Bisq v1. It has been developed from the ground up to support multiple trade protocols, networks, and identities via a single decentralized exchange platform.

Bisq2 v2.0.4: Offerbook List, Tor Improvements
  • "As a result of our relentless efforts on Bisq2, we are thrilled to announce the release of our latest version, 2.0.4," announced Bisq.
"These improvements are part of Bisq's ongoing effort to provide a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for trading Bitcoin without relying on central authorities​​."
  • "For a detailed list of changes and instructions on how to update to the latest version, users can refer to our official release notes here."

What's new

  • Add offerbook list.
  • Offerbook list and markets list are collapsable for minimized layout.
  • Add green and yellow dot indicators for user profiles recently "seen" online (using the republish date of their user profiles - thus only showing that their app is running) and add "Last seen" info at user profile tooltip. Green for last 3 hours, Yellow 3-6 hours.
  • Last seen column, search filter and export to csv feature to user profile table at reputation UI.
  • Add support for custom bisq.conf file in data directory (see detail info).
  • Fix startup issues with tor.
  • Various tor improvements.
  • Add support for running on Whonix.
  • Various improvements for network stability and connectivity.
  • Various improvements in peer management.
  • Improve inventory requests at startup (requesting missing network data).
  • Persist backup directory.
  • Add import UI to signed witness popup.
  • Fix bug with importing Bisq 1 account age for reputation.
  • Various bug fixes at trade process.
  • Various bug fixes in network code.

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