BIP39 Colors Translates BIP39 Mnemonic To Colors & Vice Versa

BIP39 colors lets users convert their BIP39 mnemonic to colors and vice versa.

BIP39 Colors Translates BIP39 Mnemonic To Colors & Vice Versa
"Next will be the manual method so that anyone can easily carry out both conversions using their own calculator so you will be sure of not depending on any tool to recover your original mnemonic," said the project's author.
  • "For those who are interested, here is the explanation how to decode manually the colors created with the BIP39Color method, without the need for any external tool or library,  just your calculator."
  • DISCLAIMER: "Never depend on any tool or software to free up your funds."


  • BIP39 Compatible: "BIP39Colors follows the BIP39 standard, ensuring compatibility with other BIP39 wallets and tools."
  • Additional Obfuscation: "By representing the mnemonic as colors, BIP39 Colors adds an extra layer of obfuscation. Colors can be found in various sources such as website source code, color palettes used by artists, images, etc., making it less obvious to hackers or thieves."
  • Order Doesn't Matter: "The app allows for random storage of seed components, eliminating the need for the correct positioning. You can shuffle and store the colors in any order, and still recover the original BIP39 mnemonic."
  • Open Source: "BIP39 Colors is a fully open-source project available on GitHub. It doesn't rely on any third-party JavaScript library or CSS framework, ensuring transparency and security."
  • Offline Usage: "For enhanced security when dealing with your real mnemonic phrase, it is recommended to download the application and use it offline. You can download a copy from the GitHub repository or use it locally on your device."
  • Libraries Support: "BIP39 Colors provides libraries in both Python and JavaScript."

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