Beignet: Instant Bitcoin Wallet Implementation for JS Devs

Beignet Typescript library offers JS developers a way to incorporate an on-chain, self-custodial Bitcoin wallet into their projects.

Beignet: Instant Bitcoin Wallet Implementation for JS Devs
  • "Introducing Beignet. An instant, self-custodial Bitcoin wallet for JS devs. The on-chain logic at the heart of Bitkit, now available as a standalone library," announced Bitkit.
"Initially, Beignet was baked into Bitkit. Decoupling it into a JS library speeds up debugging and troubleshooting, slashing iteration times and enhancing the developer experience."
  • "Beignet helps JS developers to easily implement on-chain wallet logic into their own projects. Try it out, contribute, and share feedback! Remember: Beignet is a work in progress."
  • "If you are experiencing any problems, please open an issue or reach out to us on Telegram."


Beignet relies on bitcoinjs-lib and is packed with advanced features:

  • Reorgs
  • Coin selection
  • Replace-by-Fee
  • Multi-output transactions
  • Listeners for transaction notifications
  • Persist wallet data to any key/value storage

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