BDK v0.28.0 Released

Bitcoin Development Kit (BDK) is a library that allows you to seamlessly build cross-platform Bitcoin wallets without worrying about bitcoin internals.

BDK v0.28.0 Released

"This is a maintenance release and includes changes from yanked version 0.27.2 including to disable default-features for rust-bitcoin and rust-miniscript dependencies, and for rust-esplora-client optional dependency. New default std feature must now be enabled unless building for wasm."


  • Bump bip39 crate to v2.0.0 #875
  • Set default-features = false for rust-bitcoin and rust-miniscript #882
  • Update esplora client dependency to version 0.4 #884
  • Added new std feature as part of default features #930

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v0.27.1...v0.28.0

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