Atomic Wallet Hack: At Least 1% of Users Affected, $35M+ Stolen

Atomic Wallet, a multicoin wallet that boasts of having more than 5 million users globally, has experienced an unidentified exploit affecting its users this weekend.

Atomic Wallet Hack: At Least 1% of Users Affected, $35M+ Stolen
  • "At the moment less than 1% of our monthly active users have been affected/reported. Last drained transaction was confirmed over 40h ago," the wallet's team wrote this morning.
  • Contrary to the wallet's statement, some users claim their transactions have been drained less than 40 hours ago, though these claims are yet to be confirmed.
Comment from a discussion thread.
  • "Security investigation is ongoing. We report victim addresses to major exchanges & blockchain analytics to trace and block the stolen funds," added the wallet's team.
  • According to on-chain investigator ZachXBT, approximately $35 million of user funds have been siphoned from user wallets so far, including USDT, ETH, TRX, BTC, BSC, ADA, XRP, ALGO, AVAX, LTC, DOGE and other holdings.
  • Some users report that their holdings were stolen following a recent software update, while others say they were impacted despite not updating to the latest version, messages from Atomic Wallet’s official Telegram channel and other discussion threads reveal.
  • Atomic Wallet team has been receiving harsh criticism about the way it is handling the situation. Some investigators point out that the wallet may not have built in a secure way.
  • Atomic Wallet is a closed source, multicoin, and non-custodial wallet that supports over 90 different coins and over 1000 tokens. It is available on Android and iOS, as well as Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
  • This post will be updated as more details emerge.

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