Atlanta 2022 CoreDev Event Probed by the FBI

FBI was looking for more information about Bitcoin developers who attended CoreDev Atlanta event back in October 2022 as a part of investigation into the theft of more than 200 BTC from Bitcoin developer Luke Dashjr.

Atlanta 2022 CoreDev Event Probed by the FBI
Source: David Trinks.
  • Mike Schmidt, co-founder and Director at Brink, a non-profit organization supporting open-source Bitcoin developers, has sent out an email notice to attendees of CoreDev Atlanta 2022, a small invite-only event for Core developers which took place prior to the TABConf 2022.
"As part of the investigation into Luke Dashjr's announced theft of his bitcoins, I received a subpoena from the FBI wanting information about attendees of the October 2022 CoreDev Atlanta event in the days before TABConf 2022. I was legally advised to cooperate."
  • According to Schmidt, the request involved all developers invited to the event, as well as some guests. The provided information includes developer's GitHub usernames, public first and last names (Schmidt later clarified that these were taken from public sources such as GitHub or mailing list) and email address.
  • "There was also an order from the FBI not to disclose
    this subpoena for a period of one year, which just-
    expired," he added.
"I do not have any details about the investigation or
whether the subpoena was due to a targeted suspect or
general information gathering as part of the investigation. I apologize for this breach of your private information. Please email me if you have any questions," added the organizer.

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