Arti v1.1.5: Onion Services, RPC, and a Security Patch

Arti is a project to create a next-generation Tor client in Rust.

Arti v1.1.5: Onion Services, RPC, and a Security Patch
  • "In the past months, our efforts have been divided between onion services and work on a new RPC API (a successor to C Tor's "control port") that will give applications a safe and powerful way to work with Arti without having to write their code in Rust or link Arti as a library (unless they want to)."
  • "For onion services this month, we have continued work on our protocol infrastructure to support the cryptographic handshakes and protocols used for onion services, and begun design work on a key management system for onion services."
  • "Our RPC code is still in an "infrastructure-only" state: the backend has progressed significantly, and now includes an object-reference system we'll use to enforce security via a capability-style design, but as of yet it supports no useful functionality."
  • "Finally, this release also fixes a security issue: there was a bug in our SOCKS code that could be exploited to cause a denial-of-service attack against an Arti client."

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