Arcade v0.1.0-beta: Nostr Chat MVP

Arcade (formerly Arc) is a free and open source Nostr chat and commerce app built for Android and iOS.

Arcade v0.1.0-beta: Nostr Chat MVP
  • "Today we launch our first Arcade beta build for Android and iOS, featuring three kinds of Nostr-based chat:

    - Public channels (NIP-28)
    - Encrypted direct messages (NIP-4)
    - Encrypted private channels (NIP-112)."
  • "Combining Nostr chat with with Nostr-based user authentication (NIP-06) and followers & contact management, the Arcade app is now the first cross-platform mobile app intended to be a drop-in replacement for Telegram and other popular chat apps."
  • "You'll notice our app has no proprietary back-end: only Nostr relays. This enables truly unstoppable chat, as our chat channels can be accessed by any Nostr clients."
  • "A lot of work remains to get Arcade to the level of polish of the major chat apps. This will be heavily work in progress over the next few months as we proceed toward a stable release we can put into the app stores."
  • "We hope you'll help us by downloading this beta build and telling us how we can improve the app so you'll feel comfortable using it regularly. Please post any feedback in the "Arcade Feedback" channel, tweet at us @TheArcadeApp, or file an issue on our GitHub. Thank you!"
  • Download for Android using the APK here .
  • Download for iOS by joining our TestFlight here.

What's new

  • Log in with Nostr nsec or create new account.
  • See unified list of your chat channels: public (NIP-28), DMs (NIP-4), and private groups (NIP-112).
  • See list of your contacts.
  • Create a new public or private channel.
  • Invite your contacts to any public or private channel.
  • View profile of any chat channel member and follow or message them.
  • Add/remove Nostr relays.
  • Edit your profile name/username/bio and avatar/cover images.

"This build includes a partial implementation of the new NIP-112, a draft Nostr specification for encrypted group chat written by our own @earonesty. We request any technical/cryptographic feedback on the NIP-112 pull request."

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