Amethyst v0.66.1: Communities, Live Streaming Browser & More

Amethyst is a Nostr client for Android devices.

Amethyst v0.66.1: Communities, Live Streaming Browser & More

Latest updates to the Amethyst app include:

v0.66.1: Community/Chat headers with reactions/zaps

  • Moves communities from /c/name to /n/name
  • Adds reactions to owners of Chats and Communities
  • Adds zaps reactions to owners of Chats and Communities
  • Fixes Emoji combinations for
  • Reduces the size of the discovery tab captions
  • Increases the most recent downloads per chat from 25 to 50
  • Removes top bar for Community and Hashtag posts
  • Adds EOSE treatment for the Discovery datasource
  • Allows notification to chat channel headers

v0.66.0: Communities (NIP 172)

  • Breaks the live screen in 3 tabs
  • Adds Support for Communities (172)
  • Adds Community discovery screen
  • Adds Public Chat discovery screen
  • Adds Community Follow/Unfollow
  • Adds rendering of Community Posts in the feed
  • Creates a summary of verified participants in Communities/Chats/Streams
  • Restructures Hashtag Screen to the new Screen Building structure
  • Remembers scroll position in Live, Community, and Chat discovery
  • Displays Approval Notes in the notifications
  • Removes the Live bar from the top of the feed
  • Adds notification dots in the LiveStream bottom button.
  • Updated Swedish/Czech/German translations by @davotoula
  • BugFix for invalid hexes in the hex index
  • BugFix for Japanese Url parsing and Text newline breaks by @ShinoharaTa

v0.65.1: Performance Improvements

v0.65.0: Live Streaming Browser

  • Live Streaming Browser

v0.64.4: BugFix for chat delay

v0.64.3: New icon for verified follows

  • BugFix for IndexOutOfBoundsException when loading invalid hexes
  • Adds New Icon for verified follows
  • Fixes the lack of the checkmark in the verification icons
  • Adds #Cashu custom tag by @npub1nxa4tywfz9nqp7z9zp7nr7d4nchhclsf58lcqt5y782rmf2hefjquaa6q8

v0.64.2: Performance Improvements

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