Amethyst v0.62.0 & Onyx v0.61.4: Live Streams & Live-Streaming Chats

Amethyst is a Nostr client for Android devices. Onyx is a fork of Amethyst with content filters turned off by default.

Amethyst v0.62.0 & Onyx v0.61.4: Live Streams & Live-Streaming Chats

Here are some of the latest updates for Amethyst and Onyx. Onyx is a fork of Amethyst but with filters turned off by default.

Amethyst v0.62.0: NIP-98 Support

  • Adds NIP98 Support by @believethehype
  • Adds image host by @believethehype
  • Fixes UTF-32 Reactions cutting off
  • Adds icon for paid relays in the relay list by @greenart7c3
  • Improves rendering time of the Channel header
  • Avoids crashing due to illegal zap address
  • Making more classes stable for performance reasons.
  • Improves relay options rendering performance.
  • Review to avoid Synchronized blocks
  • Uses derivedOf to protect from updates with the same content
  • Generalizes the SensitivityWarning to any Note
  • Moves LaunchedEffects to only run if objects haven't yet being loaded
  • Checks main thread in preferences
  • Moves the image border modifiers to app variable

Amethyst / Onyx  v0.61.4: Relay info pages

  • Adds internal Relay Info pages when clicking on relay icons by @greenart7c3
  • Removes old image proxy classes by @vitorpamplona
  • Improves rendering performance of Chat screens and messages by @vitorpamplona
  • Updates Hungarian translation for Zapraiser by @ZsZolee

Amethyst / Onyx v0.61.3: Too many livestreams bugfix

  • BugFix for too many streams (max = 2 for now)
  • BugFix for opening the video chat with the video in full screen until it loads.
  • Fix margins when the Live Activity summary is not available
  • Refreshing stream list when follows change, including Live activities.

Amethyst / Onyx v0.61.2: Live streaming in the chat

  • Restructures chat message rendering
  • Adds sensitive content warning to chats
  • Adds live activities to the main feed
  • Adds live activities chats to the conversations tab
  • Adds public chat msgs to the conversations tab

Amethyst / Onyx v0.61.1: Screen diet

  • Improvements in the use of space of UI elements
  • Moves the streaming label to the bottom of the video
  • Removes the top bar for streaming and chats
  • Adds options to react and zap the author of the streaming
  • BugFix for streaming rotation of videos
  • BugFix for not updating Notifications quickly

Amethyst / Onyx v0.61.0: Live streaming chats

  • Support for Live Chat event kind (1311)
  • Renders Channel headers, NIP94 and NIP95 in the thread's master post
  • Add toast message to show relay icon description by @greenart7c3
  • BugFix for notifications over very old posts not appearing

Amethyst / Onyx v0.60.1: Per-post zapraisers

  • Allows users to add an amount of sats to raise per post
  • Displays zap raisers as a progress bar to completion in the post

Amethyst / Onyx v0.60:0: Live activities and generic repost support

  • Basic Support for live activities (NIP-102)
  • Adds support for Kind 16 (Generic Repost)
  • Activates support for m3u8 streaming
  • Migrates e citations to replaceable events to their latest version
  • Migrates last-seen times saved per route to account management
  • Removes original tags from Reposts
  • BugFix on restarting the video when pressing mute
  • BugFix to not scroll the feed to the top when the new follow list is updated
  • BugFix for a background color for messages in notifications
  • Increases performance of the follow/follower count

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