Amethyst v0.58.2: Post Animations, Custom Reactions and Bug Fixes

Amethyst is a free and open-source Nostr client for Android.

Amethyst v0.58.2: Post Animations, Custom Reactions and Bug Fixes

v0.58.2: Bugfix for long reactions

  • Addresses reactions with more than 1 character.

v0.58.0: Custom reactions

  • Custom reactions.
  • Starts to preload objects before the feed is ready.
  • Simplifies URL Preview calls.
  • Hungarian translation updates by @ZsZolee.

v0.57.0: Animations for loading posts

  • Uses animateItemPlacement to show new Notes and update the size of current ones as they load.
  • Adds NIP-10 markers to kind 1s, fixing bug with thread view in other clients.
  • New Privacy Policy for F-droid.
  • Adds an option to opt-out from automatic spam and report filters by @npub1w4uswmv6lu9yel005l3qgheysmr7tk9uvwluddznju3nuxalevvs2d0jr5.
  • Adjusts the size and alignment of relay icons in the video feed.
  • Refactors some of the Zap Request,Response objects in the interface for performance.
  • BugFix for emtpy space in Notications when blocked posts are included.
  • Updates kotlin dependencies.
  • Activates build cache.

v0.56.5: Support for NIP-14 (subject line)

  • Basic Support for displaying NIP-14 on notes (Subject).
  • BugFix for Video Uploads when the video is already compressed to the minimum.
  • Improves markdown support.
  • Fixing upstream library issue with images on markdown.
  • Refactors color objects to avoid recreating them on-demand.

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