Amethyst v0.52.2: Sensitive Content (NIP-36)

Amethyst is a free and open-source Nostr client for Android devices.

Amethyst v0.52.2: Sensitive Content (NIP-36)

Here's a list of some of the latest updates for Amethyst.

v0.52.2: Bugfixes

  • Fixes Relay Icon rendering (extra / was creating issues).
  • Sensitive content Hungarian translation by @ZsZolee.
  • Making sure the UserReactonsRow in notifications get updated as new events come in.
  • Moves relay color filters to Stories.

v0.52.0: NIP-36 (Sensitive Content)

  • Adds optional Sensitive Content mark in new posts.
  • Adds content warnings in feeds and DMs.
  • Adds sensitive content display options per account.


  • Zap Amount contrast improvements in light mode.

v0.51.3: Quick Bugfixes

  • Only changing stats for the Reaction Row if the data actually changed.
  • Improves rendering of messages in the Notification feed.
  • Feed invalidation is necessary for lists.
  • Simplifying Private message rendering scheme.
  • Updates jsoup and activity compose to the latest versions.

v0.51.2: More Performance Improvements

  • Changes the structure of the notification view to increase speed.
  • Preserves opening invalidations of data sources for Home, Videos, and Notifications screens.
  • Activates invalidations that can be ignored if another invalidation is currently running.
  • Only call "scroll to the top" if not at the top.
  • Remembers formatting for the Notification reaction row.
  • Updates Notification feed in intervals of 1 second.
  • Remembers modifiers to avoid recomposition.
  • Moves Home and Video screen invalidations to follow the scrollTop par…
  • Adds Stable tag to Notification Card models.
  • Remembers the size of the robohash picture between recompositions.
  • Removes the procedure to start connecting with relays before logging in.

v0.51.0: Zap Amounts on Notifications

  • Adds Zap amounts to Notification bubbles.
  • Adds ImmutableLists to avoid recompositions.
  • Moves NavController to a lambda to avoid recompositions.
  • Moves AccountViewModel builder to a ViewModel Factory to avoid recompositions.
  • Reduces notifications invalidation requests when starting the screen.
  • BugFix on Orbot's view count url leak.

v0.50.6: Performance Improvements


  • Moves zapProgress to inside the IO update to make sure it only update…
  • Stops recomposing the drawer at every new route.
  • Adjusts bottombar to not recalculate hasNewItems in every recomposition.
  • Moves default state of url previews to the remember function.
  • Remembering Background color and Text elements for posts.
  • Optimizes MultiSetCompose rendering.
  • Optimizes recomposition of bottom items.
  • Optimizes NIP-05 procedures.
  • Optimizes Drawer for Recomposition.
  • Removes the time log for Composing a note.
  • Only updates the refreshing state if it was refreshing.
  • Deprecating IMGUR.
  • Updates relay UI on messages sent by the logged in user in chat.
  • Migrates notification summary to a new day without having to restart.
  • Apply fix to profile navigation of the same page by @KotlinGeekDev.
  • Adds hashtags and #[n] rendering to markdown.
  • Fixes NWC with Auth.
  • Adds nostr: prefix to channel id share.

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