Amethyst v0.64.0: New Logo, Cashu Token Support, UI Changes

Amethyst is a Nostr client for Android devices.

Amethyst v0.64.0: New Logo, Cashu Token Support, UI Changes

v0.64.0: UI Changes

  • Merges Global into Home as a top-bar List
  • Moves Relay Settings info from top bar to left drawer
  • Adds search to the top bar
  • Slims down the live headers
  • Additional checks for main thread in Notifications
  • Makes NIP05 work with domain names only (No need for the @ in the "@ domain" address)
  • Improved AsyncImage loading states
  • Logs out the time to display each reaction type
  • BugFix: Not showing display name on [n] tags
  • BugFix: Trimmed paragraphs losing indentation
  • BugFix: Don't show URL previews in quoted notifications and other cases where the preview is not needed.
  • Moves to @npub103vypyhddrad9289zp8lf2dxlkkrmq3e0utx3qg449ea8x2wel6sas2700 's Logo
  • Adds followed tags in profile screen by @npub1w4uswmv6lu9yel005l3qgheysmr7tk9uvwluddznju3nuxalevvs2d0jr5
  • Adds music note to #tunestr

v0.62.8: More Performance

  • Performance improvements and additional MainThread checks
  • Logging rendering performance
  • BugFix for rendering url of highlight note by @npub1w4uswmv6lu9yel005l3qgheysmr7tk9uvwluddznju3nuxalevvs2d0jr5
  • Add copy token button to Cashu's Preview by @npub1nxa4tywfz9nqp7z9zp7nr7d4nchhclsf58lcqt5y782rmf2hefjquaa6q8
  • BugFix better default error message by @npub1nxa4tywfz9nqp7z9zp7nr7d4nchhclsf58lcqt5y782rmf2hefjquaa6q8
  • Runs translation chain in the background
  • Restructures Multi-Notification Galleries
  • BugFix: Avoids blinking the nip05 address
  • BugFix: Ignoring case when comparing original and translated versions.
  • Moves RichText/Markdown Modifiers to singleton classes.
  • Updates URLPreview in the main thread.
  • Updates dependencies to the newest version
  • Updates Hungarian translation by @npub1ww8kjxz2akn82qptdpl7glywnchhkx3x04hez3d3rye397turrhssenvtp

v0.62.7: BugFix for zapraiser

  • Fixes the large UI padding in the details of the zapraiser

v0.62.6: Performance improvements

  • Moves state assignments to the main thread
  • Reduces full-screen updates to once a second
  • Minor adjustments in threading
  • Moves cashu processing to a state class to account for errors

v0.62.5: Bugfix for crashing on invalid cashu token

v0.62.4: Cashu Token support

v0.62.3: Bufixes and performance improvements

  • Adds picture of the User to the Stream's header
  • Migrates the UserProfile page to the new ViewModel structure
  • Requires an update in the live stream event every two hours to keep live
  • Adds a less memory-intensive Hex Checker
  • Moves OnlineChecker to a singleton class with a cache
  • Moves LocalCache's Synchronized block to Concurrent implementations
  • Moves user msg synchronization to its own object
  • Crossfades changes in Reactions and Zaps
  • Improves the rendering speed of chat messages
  • BugFix for new posts by the user not showing up immediately in the feed
  • BugFix for duplicated notes in the LocalCache
  • BugFix for the Click on UserPicture event

v0.62.2: Bugfix for chrasing relay screen

  • Some relays don't return a JSON when requested and that was crashing the app.

v0.62.1: Bugfix for posts with createdAT in the future

  • Stops showing posts in the future (Fixes Tony's Highlighter post)
  • BugFix on publishedAt date for Longform posts

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