Amboss Reflex: Compliance Tool for Lightning Businesses

Key features of Reflex (beta) compliance tool include risk management information, OFAC checks, node checks and continuous network monitoring.

Amboss Reflex: Compliance Tool for Lightning Businesses
  • "Creating and maintaining a consistent policy is critical for any fintech businesses that need bank accounts or licensure. This is especially the case for Lightning Network businesses. Our goal with Reflex is to operationalize defensible business policies," announced AMBOSS on X.
  • "Last quarter, we completed 26 interviews of Lightning businesses and found that this was a critical component for the lightning ecosystem that was stalling product launches, interfering with bank account setups, or drowning startups in legal bills. We know many of these pains because we experienced most of them ourselves," said the company.
"To address this taboo pain point, we built Reflex not for enforcement actions, but for the risk management basics that regulated businesses need in order to thrive."
  • "To be clear: a win for Amboss is more successful lightning businesses, not more enforcement actions," was stated on X.

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