Amboss Launched Hydro: Automated Lightning Liquidity Solution

Hydro automatically sources lightning network liquidity for businesses to alleviate the maintenance expertise that lightning channel management demands.

Amboss Launched Hydro: Automated Lightning Liquidity Solution
  • Amboss, data analytics provider for the Lightning Network, announced the launch of Hydro, an automated liquidity solution that enables businesses to receive payments to self-custody without having to become lightning network experts.
  • "Hydro offers a simple way for businesses to automatically source payment liquidity from decentralized sources to their lightning node, a key for adoption of the lightning network," was stated in the press release.
"Hydro is a game changer for businesses to get the benefits of the lightning network without trusted custodians, intermediaries, or the headache of channel management. As the lightning network welcomes global participation, Hydro simplifies real-time payment infrastructure to bootstrap global circular economies like we've seen in Costa Rica's 'Bitcoin Jungle'," said Jesse Shrader, Co-Founder and CEO of Amboss.
  • "Hydro works by purchasing select lightning channel leases that meet quality criteria for the lowest available price. Users can set a target node size (capacity) and channels will automatically be purchased using prepaid Amboss credits, called "ambucks." Users can even set a target inbound liquidity, which can enable cost-effective, needs-based channel management."

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