Amber v0.5.0: History Screen, Support for Multiple Accounts & More

"Amber is a nostr event signer for Android. It allows users to keep their nsec segregated in a single, dedicated app. The goal of Amber is to have your smartphone act as a NIP-46 signing device without any need for servers or additional hardware."

Amber v0.5.0: History Screen, Support for Multiple Accounts & More

What's new

v0.5.0 updates

  • Created history screen
  • Show the relay url when it's an auth event
  • Show app version in the settings screen
  • Fix bottom sheet overlapping nav buttons
  • Change content provider name in debug

v0.4.0 updates

  • Change the current account by pressing the Top AppBar
  • Add Show/Hide details button on all signer types
  • Updated readme with an example on how to send the intent from a web client

v0.3.0 updates

  • v0.3.1: Added an option to name your accounts
  • v0.3.0 Support for multiple accounts

v0.2.0 updates

  • Upgrade to material 3 dependencies
  • Created settings and permissions screen
  • Added arm64-v8a and armeabi-v7a builds

v0.1.0 updates

  • v0.1.4: Code cleanup, Fix crash with zaps with no "e" tag
  • v0.1.0: When you have remember my choice checked you can use content resolver to sign events in background
  • v0.1.0: Created a button to reset all permissions

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