Alby Extension v3.2.1: Onchain Swaps, Bug Fixes, UI Improvements

Alby is a Bitcoin, Lightning and Nostr browser extension that connects to different wallet interfaces, including personal nodes. It let's users manage their payments and authentication flows on the web.

Alby Extension v3.2.1: Onchain Swaps, Bug Fixes, UI Improvements
  • "This release contains many amazing new features, bug and security fixes and beautiful UI improvements."
  • "It is now possible to do onchain swaps and send payments to onchain addresses using directly from with in the Extension."
  • "The injection of the window.nostr and window.webln providers has been greatly improved and is now faster. This makes it easier and faster for web apps to detect if a provider is present."
  • "Also Alby can now handle parallel calls to those providers using an internal queue (no more "call is already executing" errors for developers of nostr apps \o/)."
  • "Alby now no longer checks the LNURL description hash in order to make the LNURL pay spec update possible."
  • "The allowance views have been completely updated with much more useful information.
  • v3.2.1 also includes a a bugfix in the Liquid get address screen.

Earlier update v3.1.0 also included the following updates:

  • "Every user is now able to sign transaction on the Liquid Network - a Bitcoin layer-2 with smart contract capability -  and pay with bitcoin over the lightning network."
  • "Web apps are now able to ask users for the wallet balance and display it in their app."

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