Alby v1.17.0: Improved LNBits and LNDHub Integration

The Alby browser extension provides deep Lightning Network integration for websites.

Alby v1.17.0: Improved LNBits and LNDHub Integration

This release improves the LNBits integration and it is now possible to also see the incoming LNBits payments directly in the Alby Extension. This makes the Alby Extension now work perfectly with any lnbits account.
We now also have a special LNDHub connection flow for users who run their own LNDHub instances. This is additional to connecting your BlueWallet Lightning account.

Notable changes

  • Add incoming payments support for lnbits, which is adding best possible support to use an lnbits-account with Alby by @im-adithya in #1502
  • For tipping on GitHub Alby now also checks the GitHub location field for a lightning address by @im-adithya in #1503
  • Add general lndhub connector #576 by @escapedcat in #1538


  • feat(allowance): add option to enable/disable auto-login by @im-adithya in #1539
  • Add loading spinner to button when logging in with LNURL-auth by @im-adithya in #1546
  • fix: support new and old YouTube UI when checking for Lightning addresses by @bumi in #1506
  • feat: introduce general success screen component (LNURLPay) by @im-adithya in #1446
  • fix(home): Prefer tipping card even if an allowance is available @escapedcat in #1496
  • fix(settings): make sure new fiat-rate is being used on currency switch by @escapedcat in #1530
  • fix: handle ln-address server error response by @escapedcat in #1531
  • Minor UI and wording updates #1262 #1555