Alby Extension v3.6.0: NWC Connector

Alby Extension is a Bitcoin, Lightning and Nostr browser extension that connects to different wallet interfaces and personal nodes. It let's users manage their payments and authentication flows on the web.

Alby Extension v3.6.0: NWC Connector
  • "Check your browsers...Rainbow Aurora over Icelandic Waterfall is out!"
  • "At the "Add Account" onboarding screen we bring more attention to self-custodial solutions, inviting them. Alby Account is still behind-invites for new users. Learn more at:"
  • "And major new feature of this release is the NWC connector."
  • "New NWC connector makes it possible to use the Alby Extension with any wallet that supports NWC."
  • "NWC makes it much easier to connect to nodes behind firewalls or private networks - like Umbrel, RaspiBlitz, etc. This is an alternative to unstable and slow Tor connections."

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