Alby Extension v3.3.0: On-Chain Send & Receive

Alby is a Bitcoin, Lightning and Nostr browser extension that connects to different wallet interfaces, including personal nodes. It let's users manage their payments and authentication flows on the web.

Alby Extension v3.3.0: On-Chain Send & Receive
  • "This release contains many amazing new features, bug fixes and UI improvements."
  • "For example: it is now possible to send and receive onchain bitcoin by signing with your Alby Master Key. You can try our demo wallet at"
  • "This is possible with the new Alby window.webbtc provider API."
  • "We have improved control over site access by splitting permissions for different providers such as nostr and webLN - therefore you know exactly what functionality you are enabling for the site."
  • "We've improved Login with Lightning so now that if you don't have a master key yet, you'll be guided on how to set one up."
  • "We've improved the UX for paying HOLD invoices, and added a new method to our extension APIs to check whether providers have been enabled in the past or not without having to launch a popup."
  • "There are also many bug fixes and updated translations!"

What's changed

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