AgoraDesk Mobile App Is Officially Out of Beta

AgoraDesk is a private free and open source Bitcoin peer-to-peer trading platform.

AgoraDesk Mobile App Is Officially Out of Beta

The app is now available for download on both iOS and Android platforms (including F-Droid).

Here's some features:

  • In-app proxy support;
  • Connect to Tor/I2P domain instead of clearnet (in conjunction with proxy);
  • UX optimized for easy trading on the go;
  • Extensively tested on security-centric distribution GrapheneOS;
  • No Google Services required;
  • No trackers (opt-out anonymous crash analytics);
  • Light/dark themes available;
  • Stable notifications that work with or without Google;
  • 32 supported languages;
  • Extensively accessibility-tested (thank you u/shortwavesurfer2009!);
  • Self-updater (for direct APK);
  • PIN/Biometric security (optional);
  • No login required to view market;
  • ...and more!

We encourage you to keep sharing your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions through our Telegram (@AgoraDesk) or Matrix room (AgoraDesk) or by contacting our support team.

Version 1.1.0 updates:

  1. The pin code is limited to 25 attempts; after that, the app will log out.
  2. Pressing the proxy icon opens the settings screen.
  3. The transaction cost for BTC has been added in fiat currency.
  4. Fixed: error that occurred when the captcha dialog was closed.

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