AgoraDesk App v1.1.16 Released

AgoraDesk app is an open source Bitcoin peer-to-peer trading platform available on Android and iOS. A web version is also available at

AgoraDesk App v1.1.16 Released

What's new

  • Moved the payment method selection button to the main screen.
  • Fixed the iOS push notifications bug.
  • Fixed the UI issue where the amount and payment method were overlapping with other text.

v.1.1.15 of the app also included the following improvements:

  • Added an additional price check before initiating a trade. If the ad price has changed, prompt the user for confirmation.
  • Now displaying the usernames of those who leave feedback in a user's profile. This allows users to see who has provided feedback and to improve their service accordingly.
  • Changed instructions for importing reputation from the Paxful platform.

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