83 BTC Transaction Fee Sets a New Record in Fiat Terms

An unknown entity set a new Bitcoin transaction fee record in fiat terms today, effectively paying over $3.1 million for a single Bitcoin transaction.

83 BTC Transaction Fee Sets a New Record in Fiat Terms
  • The transaction mined in block 818087 moved over 139 BTC and paid a 83.7 BTC in fees, resulting in 55.77 BTC transferred.
  • The transaction was mined by a KYC-only mining pool AntPool.
  • After broadcasting the transaction, the user used RBF to increase the fee even further.
  • The transaction was seen in the open mempool first, so anyone could have mined it, said mononaut.
"They somehow failed to add a change output to send the remaining 83 BTC back to themselves."
  • Per mononaut, this is the largest Bitcoin transaction fee ever paid in dollar terms, surpassing PayPal/Paxos which paid ~20 BTC (~$0.5 million) fee a few months ago, but only 8th highest fee paid in terms of bitcoin.
  • "The largest ever fee in Bitcoin terms was paid in this transaction in 2016, when someone fat-fingered a 291 BTC fee," he added.

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