10101 v2.0.4: Updated Flutter and BDK, Fee Info for DLC Channels

10101 is a self-custodial Bitcoin derivatives trading platform. It uses Discreet Log Contracts (DLC) to ensure trustless trade execution.

10101 v2.0.4: Updated Flutter and BDK, Fee Info for DLC Channels
  • "Before we delve into the details of what the most mature version we've ever released has to offer, we'd like to thank our ever-growing number of users and beta testers, without whom we wouldn't be able to continually improve the product," said the project.

What's new

  • Upgrades Flutter and BDK versions;
  • Enhances logging;
  • Provides fee info for DLC channels;
  • Adds features like displaying closing transactions, emergency recovery kits, and blocking old app versions from trading;
  • Patch resolves startup crashes due to wallet sync errors and fixes incorrect Github link;
  • Fixes issues with orderbook, channel reserves, and outdated rollover recovery logic.

What's Changed






  • chore: Set expired async orders to expired by @holzeis in #2100
  • fix: remove line that runs clippy on maker/ by @Restioson in #2102
  • fix: Handle wallet sync error during startup by @holzeis in #2090
  • Replace TCP with WebSockets (when feature gate enabled) by @Restioson in #2059
  • fix: Github link in app info by @AntonyLeons in #2101
  • chore: upgrade flutter to 3.19.1 by @bonomat in #2081
  • fix(test): Wait for a few seconds before retrying opening a dlc channel after rejection by @holzeis in #2105
  • Show log file location on desktop by @luckysori in #2111
  • chore(ci): Create manifest image for webapp by @holzeis in #2109
  • chore(ci): Bump webapp version in Cargo.toml on draft release by @holzeis in #2110
  • fix: Create trade after finished dlc protocol by @holzeis in #2084
  • fix(orderbook): Only return open orders by @holzeis in #2112
  • chore(app): Reduce position list item height by @holzeis in #2114
  • fix: Remove info icons on order modal by @holzeis in #2097
  • Feat: Add closing tx by @holzeis in #2099
  • chore(app): Reduce channel config modal height to match order modal height by @holzeis in #2113
  • chore(app): Improve formatting on confirmation modal by @holzeis in #2116
  • chore(webapp): Bump axum-login dependency to 0.13.1 by @holzeis in #2118
  • chore(app): Reduce rounding on the status dialog by @holzeis in #2115
  • Update bdk to version 1.0.0-alpha.6 by @luckysori in #2094
  • chore(app): Rework some styling changes after the flutter upgrade by @holzeis in #2122
  • chore(app): Remind about minimum channel collateral when receiving on chain funds by @holzeis in #2124
  • Minor dependency tweaks by @luckysori in #2134
  • Display more fee information when opening a DLC channel by @luckysori in #2062
  • chore(ci): Create pre-releases with generated release notes by @holzeis in #2121
  • feat: Add admin api to send targeted push notifications by @holzeis in #2135
  • fix(rollover): Remove outdated rollover recovery logic by @holzeis in #2144
  • chore(app): Change background color back to grey by @holzeis in #2145
  • chore(dlc_protocol): Track rollovers in dlc protocol table by @holzeis in #2125
  • feat(emergency kit): Add delete position and resend settle finalize message by @holzeis in #2147
  • chore(emergency kit): Add option to rollback channel to last stable state by @holzeis in #2146
  • Upgrade Rust to version 1.76 by @luckysori in #2148
  • chore(deps): bump mio from 0.8.6 to 0.8.11 by @dependabot in #2150
  • chore(app): Set background color on app bar wrapper by @holzeis in #2149
  • fix: Ensure that we do not send a negative reserve by @holzeis in #2158
  • chore(channel offer): Reject a dlc channel offer if the processing fails by @holzeis in #2157
  • Perform full sync of app on-chain wallet on startup if needed by @luckysori in #2151
  • chore(channel): Ignore invalid collab close offers by @holzeis in #2159
  • feat(webapp): 2 improvements: Show total balance and introduce order confirmation dialog by @bonomat in #2165
  • chore: Bump webapp in dedicated step by @holzeis in #2162
  • Check for old wallet data in correct location by @luckysori in #2172
  • feat(webapp): add currency toggle to navbar to display balances in Sats/Btc or USD by @bonomat in #2173
  • feat(trade): Block users from trading with an old app version by @holzeis in #2174
  • Allow coordinator to run full sync via HTTP API by @luckysori in #2175
  • fix(ci) cargo set-version needs the package not path by @bonomat in #2176
  • feat(webapp): add leverage slider by @bonomat in #2178
  • feat(web): show transaction details in a dialog by @bonomat in #2177
  • fix(balance): Add off chain balance to the total balance by @holzeis in #2180
  • chore(app): Increase shade on disabled fields by @holzeis in #2183
  • fix(balance): Check sub details received from sent by @holzeis in #2185
  • chore(ci): Remove left over references to the changelog by @holzeis in #2186
  • fix(wallet): Sync on chain wallet periodically by @holzeis in #2192
  • docs(readme): Remove lightning faucet guide by @holzeis in #2193
  • Do not error when user is typing send amount by @luckysori in #2194
  • Release version 2.0.0 by @1010Tom in #2195

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